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16 May 2018Art in Paris 1850-1900 'The most decadent city in the world.'
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17 October 2018Fanny Burney - her family and friends from diaries and letters and portraits of the day.
21 November 2018The Christmas Story through National Gallery Pictures
16 January 2019The Art and Architecture of the London Docks

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Art in Paris 1850-1900 'The most decadent city in the world.' Linda Collins Wednesday 16 May 2018

Linda Collins is a lecturer in Historic Royal Palaces & the National Trust. She is a freelance lecturer at the Tate Modern & National Gallery, London. She is also an independent lecture organiser and member of the Association of Art Historians.  She holds a BA (Hons) in Early Italian art, an MA in the works of Georges de la Tour, and a Diploma in French language and Culture.

 This lecture looks at the lively, fin de siecle Paris – the Moulin Rouge and the Can Can girls, the Cabarets, the Expositions and, of course, the artists. Baudelaire urged Manet to become a flaneur - to go out and paint the ‘real heroes of Modern life’- the absinthe drinkers, the rag pickers and the prostitutes. From the academic art recognised as the benchmark of good taste at the beginning of our period, through the Impressionist artists, the post-impressionists and finally, to Picasso’s Les Desmoiselles d’Avignon.